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Intuitively created artworks containing high energy frequencies recognised by your soul.

Maria Eastwood

Sacred art for the soul

I am an artist and reiki master teacher based in Northern Ireland. I create visionary, high vibrational angels, hearts, elemental artwork and commissioned pieces, where I intuit the image and colours for your own personal painting. I follow my heart and the guidance of my soul in the creation of these paintings. It is my pleasure to birth new creations into the world, to see the transformation and to raise the vibration of the planet in my own unique way.

In 2020 I started sharing my art with the world and so my journey began. I listened to that inner voice inside me who was drawing me back to my true self. Each painting I create opens me up to more of who I am and aptly each title reflects the emotions or feelings I am experiencing at the time of its formation.

Art stirs up so many feelings of joy, excitement and passion within me. I cannot imagine not being an artist. There are no words to describe how I feel when I paint. It’s like an uncovering and revealing of my deepest innermost being. It’s a process of self discovery as I paint and it is my wish that those drawn to me will feel a resonance with a part of themselves that they are uncovering and seeing maybe for the first time.

In my angel and heart commissions, I  tune into the energy and a visualised image arrives, I work intuitively with colour and texture using oil paint or acrylic on canvas and inks with mixed media on watercolour paper.

I also paint landscapes in oils of the beautiful scenery around the Causeway Coast and Glens area and other locations. I have always loved clouds, skies and sunsets and am inspired by their beauty and colours.

Painting is my passion, it energies me, what appears on the canvas comes from my heart. Therein the name ‘Sacred Soul Scapes’ was born, heart led creations of the outer and inner landscape.


Creating Be-spoke Artworks

It is my delight to provide art that people connect with that evolves their soul, that connects them to beauty and the magic of nature and that transforms the energy of a space. My work is aligned with vibrational beings, lovers of colour and expression. Spiritual groups, soul seekers/ searchers of all ages.



'I was drawn to your brand for its authenticity. My requirements were a piece of art whereby the energy of the painting spoke to my soul. I feel your art does this and it is why I will purchase again from your site.’

Customer Feedback

'You make your business unique. I loved your energy and vibe. I was drawn to the angel of Self Care  painting because of its beauty but also I hoped it would remind me how important self care is- and it does everyday! So thank you for that.'

Customer Feedback


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