My work is aligned with vibrational beings, lovers of colour and expression. Spiritual groups, soul seekers/searchers of all ages. I paint angel and landscape commissions.


My work is aligned with vibrational beings, lovers of colour and expression. Spiritual groups, soul seekers/searchers of all ages. I paint angel and landscape commissions.


A gift for your soul

As a reiki master teacher, I channel your angel’s own unique colours and paint them in a very heart-centred way. I am taken on a journey of self-discovery as I paint, and the process is very much a part of my own growth and heart opening. I initially connect with your image and visually see what wants to come through for you from the angelic realm. Each brush stroke is alive with energy, and contains the frequencies your soul essence wants to bring forth for you. Often these energies connect on the subconscious level, your soul knows what you are ready to receive even if you think it is something different. When the painting is complete, I sense the energies withdraw and I know that the angel is ready to start the next part of her journey. 

Each commissioned angel is unique to each person and an original one- off piece. 

I include a written message of the guidance I receive in the creation of your angel.

 Each completed angel is beautifully framed and ready to hang in your home.


Pricing and Titles

Choose from the following options, deposit and part payment available.


1 0 x 1 2 ”

You are in alignment with where you are now, and you are growing into the soul energy of who you are.




1 2 x 16 ”

You are vibrating outwards, you are in resonance, effortless attraction and alignment.




1 6 x 20 ”

Boom! I AM that I AM, alchemy, illumination of soul essence, unity, fulfilment, gratitude, destiny.




How I create the perfect painting for your soul

You will be drawn to receive your own personal angel when you are ready and wish to birth more of your soul onto the earth.

Commissions Gallery



Every time without fail you showcase wonderful work, amazing talent.

Grainne Breen

There's so much energy in this painting! It's so joyful!! I can't stop looking at it!!

Lauren Scott

Beautifully timeless piece. This is causing responses in my chakras, mostly my throat... and I am going into a meditative state of expansion... incredible work you do. Maria's artwork is absolutely divine.

DeAn’Na Medley

Wow! That's so beautiful, perfect size, the colors are so peaceful and you can almost hear everything.. I am so intrigued by your style of painting and I am always so emotionally affected by it.. this reminds me the sea fog that rolls in over the Island here where I live.. it's such a mystical experience.

DeA’Na Medley

I asked Maria she would tune into my essence and see what came from the end of her paintbrush. When I received my painting, I was blown away. It was beautiful but I could also feel my energy/ essence in it. The colours definitely represented my energy and there was a lot of heart- led energy coming from it which is exactly what I teach. So thank you so much Maria. I love her and love looking at her every day. I highly recommend Maria

Olwen Jennings Channel, Coach, Healer

Beautifully channelled paintings by the talented artist.

Sinead Lynch

Maria painted me a beautiful soul essence painting. I had seen one of the creations she did for a friend and asked her to create one for me but I didn’t expect how blown away I would be when I received it . I absolutely love my painting and every time I look at it , I am connected to my soul and it makes me smile. I know I will treasure this forever and it is in a very special place in my treatment room so my clients can also feel it’s beautiful energy . It also came with a thoughtful hand painted card and a heartfelt message. I have already asked Maria to paint another commission for my little boy. I would highly recommend Maria’s art and she is a pleasure to deal with.

Hazel Basnet O'Doherty


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